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Sorry about being away so long, computer crashes are so much fun. Went to fire it up & .... nothing, wouldnt startup. Checked for loose switch wires ( i`ve had that problem before), everything plugged in & seemed ok. More checking found the problem was a bad power supply. OK, off the the HP parts store website..obsolete part number. all the HP resellers..not in stock/not avail. GRRRR. Power supply from from my waaaayyy older HP parts machine didnt match up with the wiring harness. Finaly got a used Windowz 7 computer from my son, full of weird games & assorted strange programs, no anti-virus software, yadda yadda. Took awhile to get that hardrive cleaned up & setup the way i wanted it. Installed my the hard drive from my HP as a slave drive...."windows cannot access data on driveE" " "Drive needs to be reformated" " Do you want to reformat now?" NOOOOOOOOO your NOT erasing my data! more checking.. hmm only showing drive size as 32MB. That aint right, it`s 160 GB, almost a million files of family genealogies, complete town & State histories, Unit histories, thousands of pictures, 5 huge family tree files in Family Tree Maker, over 2,500 links to research websites, software & data files for my website. etc. Rechecked the jumper pin settings on the drive, should work, still wouldnt access drive. Removed the jumper pin & tried it, that worked, got access to all my data finaly. Still had problems reinstalling the programs i had, some were not compatible with Winderz 7, some couldnt pick up the backup files yadda yadda. Taking things one step at a time, i got back about 99% of the data. Still having a browser problem with`s image viewer.

Anyway, i`m back!

Sounds awful! Glad (it seems) everything is working out. I share your gripes about Windows 7. I had to get it on my new laptop and I do not like it. One of the things I really hate is that the program list only shows a portion of programs available and you have to scroll up and down. I also don't like the way they retooled the task bar. I wish there was a way to make it look like the older systems (like Windows NT - I didn't even like the new XP look), but it seems I am being dragged out of the early 2000's!

Early 2000`s? i`m still draggin me butt out of the Stone Age, Win95 & AOL 2.5 werked just fine for me LOL.

I know what ya mean about the Win 7 program list, mine doesnt even bring up "c" drive first, shows a buncha folders i DONT need, it takes 5 mins to locate the folder for a file i`m lookin for.


"Backup? we dont needz no stinkin backup!"

ah, computer problems....



Well, glad you are back, but sorry to hear about all your ongoing problems. Happy you are back up and running, albeit, not quite there...



What browser are you using. I've switched again (whenever needed) and am now using Google Chrome. Right now I feel that's the best deal. Was a real big fan of Firefox and used that just about exclusively for three or more years, but lately they are bug-ridden and my browser would frequently crash. Had enough of that and...


Todd just saw your post.


We love Win 7 here. Have it on three of our many computers so far. I'm pleased as punch.

The problem is with Aol`s new browser and Ancestry`s enhanced image viewer, somethings not compatable between them. I`ve used Aol for like a hundred years without major issues before now. I can use the standalone Internet Explorer or Google Chrome to view Ancestry`s images just fine. We all know Aol sukz but i`m so used to it and, for me anyway, always found it faster to navigate the web, email etc than using other programs. Never did like Firefox, the screen was too cluttered & all the open window tabs were blended together and hard to find.

Ah, AOL! No comment other than I always advise all my clientele to ditch immediately. Will say no more...






Hey we still love ya, even though you are cavorting with THEM! :waving::wave2:B):P

Todd just saw your post.


We love Win 7 here. Have it on three of our many computers so far. I'm pleased as punch.

What really has chapped my keester about it is whatever they pushed on the 1st of July and just jacked my computer all up. It was so bad in that first and second week that I almost re-imaged the thing. It used to start up very quickly (something that made me really like it at first) but after that, it was freezing up or had a very bad latency problem from click to action. It has gotten much better but still not as good as when I first got.


Still might re-image if no one has any good gouge for me.

Wow, that's odd. That's one of the things we like about Win 7; quick boot-up and quick shut-downs. My systems are very responsive.


Wonder what the hell else they did for it to behave as such?????