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Hello, I'm Tom Bryan from Columbus, Nebr. About 2 years ago I learned that members of my father's unit, the 348th Eng. Combat Bn. were still active. I attended their last reunion in Oct. 2010, and since then I've been busy preserving 348th material that Dad kept, and some that I've gotten from other members. I look forward to contributing to this website, most of my material has to do the 348th and the 5th Eng. Special Brigade.


I would like to invite everyone to take a look at our new website; 348th, registration is similar to signing up for this site.



Hi Tom:


Please don't think we are ignoring you. A very unusual week or so for me, for I haven't been on MY OWN forum very much due to a sciatic nerve problem I've been having. Ouch!


So today am feeling better and trying to catch up with correspondence on my websites/email.


Pleased to make your acquaintance.


Great to hear you were able to get together with these great men, and I will be more than happy to take a look at your site.





Had a chance to place the link on our main site this morning. You can now find it on the Engineer Links page. I also (standard practice) placed in on the What's New page.


I made a typo error, that should be ""



Thanks for the clarification.

Just registered on your forum. My great uncle was with the unit 42-45.

Welcome Joe. Just sent an email to you this morning too.


I hope you will be able to chat with other members who have the same interests, and gather more info on your uncle. Please place all the current info you have on him.


Also looking forward to talking to you about your service and the time you spent in the History and Museums Division. How interesting!

Welcome aboard Joe,


Glad to see there are some other USMC Majors on the forum. I'm currently suffering under the yoke of SYSCOM in Albany, but my sentence is almost up. In July I will become the S-6 for 31st MEU and I can't wait. Welcome to the forum.