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I thought I'd better say 'hello' and tell you why I'm here..

First I must say thank you for letting me on board this site. Has I'm not connected in any way with anyone here.

I live in Devon UK. So the WWII history around this area is amazing.

I belong to a group of vol's that help maintain and run a free small (British) military museum here in brixham.

Next year we are putting together a small event at nearby lupton house. Which had connections with WWII, so I'm looking to find more personal information/photos about the American troops that were stationed there.

Thank you for your help and interest

Hi and welcome aboard. We have lots of members from Europe and several in England. You mentioned being from Devon, where abouts in the county? I think most of our English members are generally from the greater London area (in the same way that Georgia is "generally" in the Southeast part of the US).



hi thanks for the welcome.

i live in torbay. south west devon. torbay is where alot of the americans left for the d day landings .so have lots of bits of history here.(see links on exercise duck )

my husband is part of a military group that looks after and runs a very small museum here in Brixham. my view photo is taken from the wwii pill box that he looks after.

we also attend alot of mvt events. so very much into the military :pdt34:

I'd like to say hello and welcome to another member of the UK branch of this great website. My main interest is WWII on the island of Sicily in 1943. I have also dealt with veterans and family members around the world and especially in the USA and Canada of those who were stationed in the UK prior to D-Day. In September I am going to Pennsylvania again to attend the 36th Engineer Reunion and meet fellow members.


Colin. :waving: