Full Version: 52nd Chem Co. - 39th Engr Regt
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I am a new member of the forum. My name is James B. Watson, Jr. My Dad served in Africa & the European Theater- Naples Foggia, North Apennines, Rome, Arno & Sicily. He passed away in 1985. Looking for others who might have served & any war experiences.

James, this site is dedicated to the 39th, so enough said. :PB)


Everywhere you look, there is info. The main site is where you will find everything, plus some extras here on the forum.


I've already added your name to the 39th email mailing list, and I trust a few have already gotten in touch with you.


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Hello James,


Question? Do you know if your Dad served anytime in Naples, Italy? If he did, can you give me dates and places housed and worked?




James G. Davis, Member and Historian

1204th Army Engineer Fire Fighting Platoon

North Africa - Italy - France - Germany

World War II