Full Version: Mom Chard's Memorial slide show
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We had Lee's mom's Memorial Service this past weekend, and it was very lovely. Many of you know she passed on a few months ago.


I created a slideshow in her honor. It includes photos from the 30's and 40's - pre-dad! ha-ha!


My two sister-in-laws created lovely collage boards which were displayed at the hall, and featured many photos I had never even seen before. It was great.


Here's the link to my slide show. It's a photodex presentation, so it may require a small/safe download to your computer first.




Tribute to Mom - The Early Days

Marion that was a really great and interesting tribute to you mum. As always so professionally done as we have come to expect of you, I admire you dedication to "getting it right"!

I would like to think I can watch it again with you in September and have you giving a description of the people and places involved.

Full of nostalgia, especially for you I know, but also for someone who lived through that era too !!


Thank you,


Thanks for your thoughtful and kind words. I'm glad you took the time to watch it.


I started a family photo gallery last night. It only has one folder right now, and it's THOSE photos and many more of mum's.


Here's the link:


I have tons of photos to scan and/or upload yet. This will be fun. It's about time I began sharing this with our family.