Full Version: Happy Birthday Dogdaddy
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Sending you best wishes from across the pond.




How heartwarming to get up this morning and see a birthday greeting for Dogdaddy. Colin thanks SO much for starting this.


Happy birthday dear friend. Have a great day and thanks for being a member of my forum.



Hope you have a great one!



Thank you Colin,Marion, Major Todd and Larry for your birthday greetings. Notice who's birthday I didn't miss? :P Seriously, I appreciate all of you who share your Knowledge & your Humor here with me.





Happy Birthday Jim From France


Best wishes,



Happy birthday to you Jim and many more years in good health to you and your family.

Best wishes,


Thanks Friends. It's good to have friends in far away places! :1032:

Happy Birthday, Jim!!!!

Way too late (I deeply apologize), but still a :happybirthday3: from Bianca and myself.



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