Full Version: Happy VE Day !!
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This May 8, 2011, was celebrated throughout Europe and especially in America this great victory over Hitler's regime. On this day we remember all those who gave their lives for the freedom we enjoy. We will never forget that May 8, 1945 and the Allied Victory ..





Vee :14_2_108:

Yeah, a little bit of celebration is due!!!!!



Our buddy Jim sent this to me:

Hello Marion,


Mahalo for the reminder. This day probably brings back one of my most vivid

memories of WW II.


I grew up on Southern California Coast. At nightfall on 7 December 1941 all

the lights went out. The thought was that lights would guide Japanese

landing forces, aircraft and submarines to our shores. It was dark!! On

May 8, 1945 we were in Garmisch Partenkischen, Bavaria, Germany. That night

the lights came back on! Can I say more? No.




I always hear from my friend Max in the Ukraine on May 9th, as that is the day that the Soviets had their own surrender in 1945. Today I got an email saying that he will not attend this year's Victory celebration since the new Pro-Russian government has decreed that the Red flag should be displayed this year with the blue and white flag of Ukraine.

V-E Day is still cause for celebration in the USA and the nations in Europe that were freed from Nazi occupation.