Full Version: USO Christmas records?
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Received this yesterday. Any help is greatly appreciate. Thanks M1


Hello Marion,


I recently came across the 6th Corps Music website. I am hoping you can help me.


I am trying to track down a copy of a USO Christmas Album from World War II... or at least a burned (CD) version.


Unfortunately I don't have much to go on. As far as I know my grandfather was stationed in France during World War II and came back to Brooklyn with a Christmas Album from the USO - I unfortunately don't know what year the album was released or any of the songs/artists who contributed...


As a child my father accidentally destroyed the album. Shortly after, my grandfather passed away. It is one of the few anecdotes my father talks about from his childhood. At the end of May my father will be turning 60 and I thought it would be really special if I could somehow track this down.


Have you perhaps come across this album or any information related to it? Is there any way you can help me or leads/thoughts you might have? I have tried to reach out to the USO directly, but they sent me to the New York Public Library Archives online and I didn't see anything that would lead me in the right direction.


I am of course willing to pay (or donate to the website) for the album or a copy, etc.


I do appreciate any help you can give me!


Thank you!



David Stein

There were records produced during the war called V-Discs that were distributed to the troops. Not sure if there were "Christmas Albums" or not but this may be what your looking for. Just do a Google search for "WWII V-Discs" and it will bring up a lot of links.

Some of the links:

Thanks Larry. Ya, I did know about V-disks. Some good sites by the way. :armata_PDT_01:


Now I hope we can find the exact disk his parents had. It would be nice to get a replacement for it. We need to track down a Christmas disk. We'll have to keep rummaging through and see what turns up. Maybe he can write to that one site (riverwalkjazz)

and see if they have any knowledge of it.


I'll have my new friend keep his eye on this post.




If it helps, they were VDISC with a C not a K