Full Version: WW II War Cameramen and photographers
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WW2. The essential role of Allied war cameramen, photographers and press in documenting the conflict for the home-front and for posterity.



Many of these brave photographers lost their lives while doing their job on the front lines of both theaters of WWII. For anyone interested there are several very good documentaries about them. One is called Shooting War and is part of the 2-DVD set that comes in the Saving Pvt. Ryan box set. Another good one is called Embedded '45 that deals specifically with the War in Europe. There were times when some of them had to put the camera down and pick up a weapon. :machinegun:

Ya, they were the guys who stuck their necks out. They were right there in the thick of things. Had to be damned scary.

My Granfather was a Photographer in the War....I remember him taking pics of our family with his old box style camera.....

How many photos from the war do you still have?