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Janet Cowardin Williamson

Hi, Just getting acclimated and looking around at the various topics and resources available. Many interesting things and people to read about. My dad, Olan Coy Cowardin was with the 49th Combat Engineers. I already bought Bill Carr's book, still looking through it. I was a little disappointed that I didn't find my dad's name, but I know he was there and I have some photos of him with some of the men listed in Co. A. I hope to get to know more about my dad's life at war. I heard all the stories when I was growing up, but when you're young you don't think in the long term and I have forgotten most of it. Glad to be a member of this site.



And here's a second welcome. We are delighted to have your here. Lot's of info on the 49th. Glad you were able to pick up a copy of Bill's book. Wonderful.


Yes, it would have been nice to see your father's name. That is a shame, but still you have all this at your fingertips.


We look forward to talking with you.

Hello Janet and welcome,


My interest is the US Combat Engineers in Europe in WWII. We have as part of our research material what we call our 'bible' and the 49th has two mentions in it.

I have the hardback edition, but there is also an online version.

Here are three links covering the 49th. It's not much, but it will give you a flavour of what your dad was doing in Northern Europe.


Pages 336/337

Pages 376/377




And then there is Ernest Napier's memoirs on the main site. She obtained a copy of his grandson's book (Bill Carr).


A search performed within our forum brought this up:


Welcome :)



Welcome to the forum. I am sure there is somebody on here that can help you out. I have researching my family history and in the process found 2 great uncles mentioned on this site. So sometimes researching leads to disappointments, but when you have a break through it makes it all worth while. Good luck