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This is an actual letter I received from one of my cousins this morning. :wacko: I would like to hear comments from all those presently serving. ^_^


I was given this information from 2 men in different branches of the Armed Forces.


Become aware that the Military is suffering from a economic hardships due to the way the Govt. is treating them. I just got wind of this today.

The Government is paying the enlisted people every other month or every 3rd month. So here is how it goes:


Month 1 - no pay

Month 2 - no pay or 2 months pay at once.

or Month 3 - pay for 3 months or discharge from the military. (as per agreement)


So the Govt keeps them waiting almost 3 months between checks to keep them in the military. (and go months between checks)

Yes, one of these Men just came from Iraq - and was paid in this way!!!!

I will not let it be kept quiet ! ! ! !


I left her name off for privacy


This is an actual letter I received from one of my cousins this morning. :wacko: I just had to share it with everyone. Can't wait to hear comments from all those presently serving. ^_^




I left her name off for privacy

It raises my hinky alarm as not being real. Even when the government had a shut down in the 90s, we still got paid. Holding people ransom isn't the way to keep people in. Paying them, or not, isn't the way to get rid of them either. All they have to do is say, you're out. They do force reduction all the time.


It may be a case of a real situation, but for odd circumstances. DH missed a paycheck once, and it took a month to sort it out. He was switching between stations, and one office forgot to pick up his data. BUT that was WAY back before the fully automated federal pay system. 1st and the 15th, straight to the bank, by Regualtion. You must have auto deposit.


I feel like there is more to the story that she didn't get.

Thanks Caryl. That is what I am thinking too (more to the story...) for I know what the schedule is supposed to be:


Pay schedule


Waiting to hear from Major Todd too and anyone else currently serving in the military.


We get the straight scoop here, don't we! :pdt34:


Marion et al,

I saw your email this morning and have actually have had to do work all morning so I hadn't been able to get to it. I hate it when I actually have to do things other than peruse the forum!! Anyway, I have not had myself, nor heard anyone else complain of, these sorts of problems. It sounds like it is either misinformation or perhaps a few isolated incidents that is made to seem like a trend. If, however, I or anyone I know is so afflicted the first place I am coming to gripe would be the forum!


In general, DFAS (Defense Finance and Accounting Service) is pretty spot on. When there are problems, I believe the problem is normally with the local admin sections feeding DFAS the wrong information. One thing is for sure - if there is a problem and you owe them money (as in an overpayment situation) they are quick to act. If they owe you money, well. . . hope you don't start floating checks! Usually, again, the haste or lack thereof is normally on the local S-1 shop.

There folks, we've heard it from the horse's ('scuse me major's) mouth!


There folks, we've heard it from the horse's ('scuse me major's) mouth!

Just texted two of my active duty enlisted neighbors and they both said, "RUBBISH!"


We're active, but officer country, so wouldn't have seen such a letter IF it existed.

I certainly didn't believe it for a moment. When I told my husband, he said rubbish too. It's not like he and I don't pay attention to politics. And with this forum, I'd be one of the first to know.


This is yet another instance of people emailing me garbage, without first verifying their sources. :machinegun:


OH you should SEE the stuff I get from my paranoid aunt and mother! Good Grief!

Oh trust me, I know. I had to write to folks again and again over the years, pleading with them to verify before hitting that FORWARD key. They just don't get it.


When I would send them proof their emails were rubbish, they'd write back and say, SORRY, but within a few weeks, many were doing it again.


I keep telling folks, just because someone writes something down and sends it, doesn't mean it's gospel.


Of course then I'd get the few who would say, "Well it said it was SNOPES verified." Uh doh! Did you check it out? Ya, and I can send something and state, "This was verified by the US ARMY." Does that make it so?



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