Full Version: Happy birthday Chucktoo!
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Happy Birthday Chucktoo! It's been a long time buddy, and it was good to see you online again the other day.


Best of everything to you, and the warmest of wishes this day and always!!





Happy Birthday, Chuck!!!!!





Chuck big happy birthday to you! Hope you had a great one!


Sending my best wishes for your birthday Chuck, have a good one.


Colin. :bday:



A very happy birthday Chuck a special little note that's sent with love to say just how much you're wished a very happy Birthday !!


With all my Love Vee :heartpump:



Happy Birthday to you Chuck!


Hugs, Nancy :happybirthday:

thanks everyone! Where does the time go. A few years back, time seamed so slow that the second hand barely kept ahead of the minute hand,,,, now time is keeping up with the bath tissue.

But HEY! as of now, I've got a darn good shot for 100. That is if I really want it


Vee. Our prayers are with you.

from across the pond

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY CHUCK! Every time I see a Daschund these days I think about you and Brooke and your 'Weener Dogs. Hope you are in good spirits and good health, and best wishes for many more birthdays!