Full Version: Where is VEE??
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You cannot hide, I know you're on Facebook!!! :thewoman::drinkin:



WOW , Betrayed by facebook !


I'm sorry I did not come so often on the forum .

But I had some family concerns and health .

I wait the results to see if I have to have surgery !

My son Arnaud has health problems also that worry me a lot!

I do not have the moral !!


But , I want you say that I love you all much !!

I have not forgotten you . You are all on my heart !!


With all my love



Vee :love7:


Sorry for my english (hehe)






Ah, that's what we were afraid of. Sorry you are going through hard times. You know we love you too. If you need anyone to talk to, I am here for you.



Hang tough Vee. You're in our minds!!!

All my best wishes to you and your family.


We're thinking of you Vee, and hoping things will get better for you and your family very soon. We miss you.


Hugs, :heartpump:



I was wondering myself, but figured that you had important things to tend to. After seeing you on the forum every day for over 3 years now (!) I figured it had to be something important. Hope all is well with you and your family.



May the LORD be with you Vee in these trying times. AGAIN thank you for the video of the 34th Red Bull Divn, (better than a can of beer!!!) heh heh!! Rocky

Vee I had missed seeing you here and now understand why. My thoughts and good wishes go out to you and I hope this problem with family health is soon past.


Colin. :heartpump:

Thank you to you all ! As It did me good to read all your messages of friendship !

I will keep you informed of this turn of event for my son and me

If i need to talk to anyone . I know you're all there for me !!


I love you all !!


Vee :heartpump:

Take good care, Vee, and warm regards from Old Belgium. :)



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