Full Version: Happy Valentine's Day to everyone
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Happy Valentine's Day to everyone. Even though Lee and I don't celebrate this day, I still like to extend hugs to all my readers.



I'd like to add my thoughts and admiration for all my friends here as well as to those visiting us. Have a great day on the 14th and remember a hug can say so much!

Colin. :huggybears:

Happy (Early) Valentine's Day to you all too.

But every day should be "Valentine's Day", no?

Every day we should care, love and worry over our beloved ones.


My Fiancée has a severe case of the flu at the moment, but she insisted on me calling her tomorrow.

And in fact, she is the one saying that every day should be Valentine's Day (when I replied that Monday is Valentine's Day and not tomorrow). :)



This note is especially for "my boys"!!!


With love,