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My name is David Dorrell i live in okla my dad Haskell H Dorrell was in 1374 EPD company in Europe WII Dad passed away in 1982. i found this site and found a contact. I haved looked for many years for more info on his company but never found anything. if the person i beleive his name is Mr Rhoads sees this would you please reply would love to talk to you about my dads company. Thanks D Dorrell

Welcome to the forum David. I'm glad you were able to find out site. Hope we are able to contribute to your efforts.


I looked up the member you mentioned, but couldn't find anyone with that name Rhoads (or similar).


We do have a Mr.GSD and a Mr. Webb, but that is as close as it gets.


If you saw a post by a member, you can simply click on their UNDERLINED Member Name, and send them a personal message (if you are logged in).


Let me know what else I can do to get you in touch with that particular person.

There actually is a book on the subject, but is NOT currently available through, BUT means their are most likely copies floating out there.


History of the 1374th EPD co by Engineer Petroleum Distribution co (Hardcover - 1945)


I will look it up on some of hard-to-find online bookstores...


More information:


WOW, I did find a copy, but it's expensive, as many of these out-of-print books are, including the book from my dad's unit from same time period.

I found the person/topic you were looking for. I thought you were looking for a MEMBER of our forum, and that is why it threw me off:

Here is a book, Fuel to the Troops buy John G Sullivan


The books mentions the 1374th. It might be a good one to add to your collection.





If anyone here, including you, are conducting a Google Search, you may come across this particular result page. DO NOT click on the second listing. Please see image.


It is a bogus link and could do damage to your computer. Luckily I was able to shut down my browser and leave. Others may not be so lucky.


Thanks Marion The Contact name on the 1374 reference is Mr. Hugh B Rhoads.

It only shows a skype number but there is address information. I would like to send a email to Mr. Rhoads but he may not have one. Any way thanks so much you have very helpful. Let me know if you have any more to add. D Dorrell


Hello all, I may be a bit late on this subject, but I have obtained the personal letters of Hugh Britton Rhodes ("Brit"). The letters I have are the personal correspondence between himself and his wife Mary during the years Brit was deployed to Europe. He was with the 1374th E.P.D. and sadly passed away 6/27/1999. I believe he may have two surviving sons as his obituary mentions. There are pictures as part of the letters, most of which have fellow soldiers in them as well. I will attach these photos in hopes it may be of help.






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