Full Version: 540th Reunion photo - Clearwater FL
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Here's an old photo from one of the 540th Reunions. I've had this for a while, but it was rolled up and I completely forgot about it.


A note on the back says it's from the mid-sixties, but I have much doubt. For one thing, the average GI would have been in his early twenties in 1945. If so, that would make these men in their early forties, and I find that hard to believe. So for me, the date is in dispute.


However there are a few people named in photo:


Ernie Joy is 6th from left in front row. Ann Joy is the lady behind him in dark glasses.


Edward Stephens in in the middle of 3rd row with tan suit, and dark glasses. Margaret Stephens is in front of Edward.


I scanned the large image and had to do it in two parts. I then pieced it back together, so if you look close, you can see the PASTE.


My grandfather, never one to take center stage, is in the far back. Back row, to the right of center, there is a man in a baseball hat. My grandfather and his lovely bride are directly to the left of him in a dark suit and glasses. Judging by the clothes and the age of the men, this would probubly be the early 80's. That would make my grandfather 65 (in 1980).


Thanks for sharing this. I know my grandfather loved those reunions.

Found them. That's great. Maybe we can start identifying a few more.