Full Version: Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption
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WOW! I was just, well, WOW!


I just checked out the reviews on Amazon too. WOW!!!!


I got a Kindle for Christmas, so guess who's gonna download this one? First two guesses don't count! :drinkin:


Thanks for the book recommendation Caryl. Sweet!

Just downloaded it. Clicked and literally within 10 seconds, had a brand new book in my collection. Now I've got three waiting for me. Good winter reading...





Going to look into that one too.


Marion, it's really really well written! I read the whole thing (Kindle too) in under two days. DH had to take the kindle away so I'd go to bed!

Sounds like me two weekends ago. Am reading a trilogy and read the second book (over 600 pages) in one day. Okay, now, you DO have to sleep! :clappin2:

I saw a review of UNBROKEN in my daily paper and it got 5 stars which made me sit up and take notice. My local library have a cut in funds so it was not going to be added to their list. I ordered it from the town bookshop and it was here in two days! It is a long time since I bought a hardback and there is a certain feeling I get holding a brand new book - no Kindle for me! lol

I am enjoying this story of Louis Zamperini.




There in lies the difference. I'm in the boonies, no bookstore. I can have a book in my hand in 30 seconds, PLUS I don't have to store a hardback and move it every two years ! :D to each their own.

I will always have my faves in Hardback, especially my WWII collection, but just for reading paperbacks from now on, it's Kindle for me too.


We too live out in the boonies and the nearest bookstore is 45 minutes to an hour away. Long journey, so I shop online a lot.


I always hit up book sales at libraries and shop yard sales for books. I've picked up some of my favorite books for less than $1. And of course I'm never too disappointed if I don't like them because I have hardly any money invested and I just recycle them by giving them back to the library for the book sale next year.


I've been toying with the idea of a kindle but to be honest just can't quite warm up to it. Maybe one day, lol.




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