Full Version: WINTER OF 2010/2011
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Just curious about how the rest of you folks are getting along with Jack Frost this year. I was quite surprised today when the Weather Channel announced that it was snowing in 49 of the 50 states...that's got to be a first! As I know that many of our members here are in their 80's I hope you have grand kids or a kind neighbor who is taking care of the snow shoveling and de-icing of your sidewalks and driveways for you. If ever there was a great opportunity to say thank you to our aging and/or disabled Vets this is it! :14_2_108:

Wow, that's quite a stat. I will have to pass that along to hubby. I don't think I ever remember hearing anything close to that. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.



Yeah, they said every state except Flawda has snow, yep, it snowed in Hawaii !

Here in southwest michigan we havent had any major snowstorms (YET), just some lake-effect snow about 1- 3 inches at a time.

We got 30 inches two nights ago. Imagine my horror when I opened the garage door the other night and there was a drift over my waist.....

EGADS, me lady! :wacko: