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Frank Gubbels

I participated in the Bastogne Historic Walk last Saturday. Unfortunately I couldn't visit Bastogne on Sunday. We walked the 14 km distance. Here is a picture report.


View towards the village of Mont in the Neffe area.



View towards Neffe with a Willy's jeep driving by.



It must have been like this 66 years ago.



Walking towards Wardin which you can see in the background.



The Ardennes forest.



A well known railroadbridge in the neighbourhood of Luzery.



The railroadbridge near Luzery.



A monument near the sanatory in Bastogne dedicated to the 13 men of the 501st PIR who were killed when a truck with landmines exploded.



The names of the men who were killed in the explosion.


Bob Izumi on his way to the ceremony for General Patton.



Herb Suerth and Vince Speranza in Bastogne.



My favourite picture. Vince Speranza.



One of my friends just send me this, a must see. I am glad he was able to record this.

Vince Speranza singing a part of Blood on the risers:



I hope you like it.



Dear Frank:


Fantastic photos. Made me feel like I was right there. Doesn't take much imagination for me today, for it's bitter cold here, and we just came out of a two day snow storm.


The images of the men were topped off by the singing of Blood on the Risers. Man, they look really good at their age. Vince looks a mere 70 at the bar! Ah, beer must be good youthful appearance. ha-ha!


Thank you. Loved them all.



Thanks a lot for the compliments about the pictures MArion. Although they aren't engineer related I thought you might like them.

Best wishes,


While engineers will always be my main center of attention, I am always happy to give recognition to every WWII vet and every WWII battle. I'm always pleased to see your posts and photographs. You are an integral part of this forum. Wouldn't be the same without you. Much appreciation, M1

I started to blush after this post :).

I love to share my experiences and pictures. As you know you can see a lot of them on Facebook and other forums but I take a look on this website every day. Not once but a few times. That's because of the people who also share very interesting stories and pictures.

Great pictures, as usual, Frank! once Again . I' m jealous! :armata_PDT_19:


Vee ;)

Fantastic photos!

Don't be jealous Vee, you will be there another time ... that's for sure.

Thanks to you and Clementine for the compliments :D

Vee...I'm envious too, so you aren't alone! Frank> Thank You for posting those photos. They epitomize the old saying that One picture is worth 1000 words. I've never been there myself but those photos made me feel like I had.

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