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Happy 235th Birthday USMC.


Semper Fi Todd...I Love You and respect you for all you have done and continue to do for us and your country !!!!God Bless and Keep You Safe. Happy late birthday !!!



Vee :)



Thanks so much Vee! I'll write more about what I did in commemoration. I'll put it this way, however, I've been so busy I haven't been able to even check into the website since early last week! More to follow. . .

Thank you Todd, a few days late :)

Same for me! Semper Fi!

Here's a new picture of me. This is how I was when I went to the school and talked to the kids for Veterans Day. (The picture was actually from after the funeral I told you about the other day.)



Ooooo-weeeee, who's that very handsome dude? Oh ya, it's our own CaptO!

Well, it is true that blues help anyone look good!

Well, it is true that blues help anyone look good!


That's some nice lettuce on your chest, Sir!!!

Yup, he looks like a rainbow. Nice!!!

Funny that you should mention that, this is a photo (unretouched!) of me at our last family reunion.ToddInspires2010.jpg

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