Full Version: Thanks to PA re-enactors - September 2010
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Special and sincere thanks to one hell of a group of re-enactors from Pennsylvania, who came out as part of a surprise for our 36th Combat Engineer Reunion in Lebanon PA, September 2010.


I wound up getting in touch with Matt Holmgren, who then put me in touch with Craig Singhaus, who then arranged for several local-area WWII re-enactors to attend the reunion on Saturday. The veterans had no idea what was in store for them, and were very surprised and pleased-as-punch when they all showed up for a bit of entertainment. One of the men, Charlie Kern, even brought his WWII jeep to the hotel, and he wound up giving rides to the vets and other attendees, including moi! Yippee! :1028:


I am going to share some photos with all of you in just a bit, but first I wanted to thank the following people who gave us so much joy this weekend. It won't be forgotten.


US 1st Infantry Division - 26th Regiment re-enactors


Robert (Bob) Travis (MP)

John Wagner, Jr (MP)

Jae (the girl) Hain-Matson

Jeff Hain-Matson

Robert (Bob) Barton

Charlie Kern (the jeep jockey)

Doug "Doc" Shope


Craig couldn't make it to the festivities and was really bummed, but work prevailed and thus he couldn't get away. That was a real shame since he was the one who helped with the planning. Hope to meet cha next year, Craig. Thanks again for all you did to make this a reality.


Craig put me in touch with Doug, and he was the final one to pull it all together.


Here's the website if ya want to check it out:


They are already planning ahead and will try to arrange for not only them to attend, but a group of WWII engineer re-enactors. That would just rock! I know everyone will be truly looking forward to another great time.


Here's a personal email from Captain John Fallon, 36th Combat Engineer, which I received just a few hours ago, talking about the surprise amongst other things, including a visit from one of our forum members, Colin Hotham from England, and a new attendee, Joe, son of a 36th'er.


I had a blast and a lot of the credit belongs to you. You really kept the place alive and I am sure everyone enjoyed himself. I wonder if you would be able to give me the home address of Joe Sumanski and Colin Hotham? I would like to thank them for being there and I think a letter is more personal than an EMail. That was a great surprise you had for us and you know we are very, very grateful.


36 Engineers are rugged......John Fallon II. Capt. USA Ret.



Pictures in a few....hold on....




Top row (l to r) Jae, Jeff, Bob B, Bob T, John

Middle row - me!

Bottom row (l to r) Doug and Charlie


I just realized I should also thank my European buddy, Gilles, who originally put me in touch with Matt, many moons ago. Pop quiz on this lineage in a few. :pdt12:

Uuuuhmmm .... Big Reg One???

The BIG RED ONE - United States 1st Infantry Division. It was cool that this set of re-enactors lived so close to the reunion, for our guys fought alongside the 1st for a period of time during the war. I also mention the Big Red One in the documentary too. Cool!


Next year we're hoping we can get a few the 51st C.E.B living history group out to the event. Would be fantastic to include some combat engineer re-enactors too.




Posted a few minutes later...


Uuuuhmmm .... Big Reg One???


Ohhhh, I see...I had it written it wrong in the title description. Now you know I was tired! Zzzzzzzzzzz :coffee:

I would like to solve it with some humor if you don't mind (at least I tried to solve it that way ;))

That works for me. Laughter is the best medicine! :kermit: