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First of all a short introduction: my name is Frank Dumez, 50 years old, married/two children, and living in Westdorpe, a small village in het Southern part of Holland nearby the Belgian border and close to the river de Westerschelde (the Scheldt).


Although I'm from a much younger generation, we still pay respects to our Canadian liberators at our annual remembrance.


My general interest is World War-2, my particular interest is the Atlantikwall in West Zeeuws Vlaanderen during the Battle for the the Scheldt River Estuary (“Operation Switchback” ). I’ve studied literature,documents and War Memoirs/Diaries and also have contacts with the German Bundesarchiv-Militärarchiv Freiburg and the Canadian McPherson Library(Special Collections) at Victoria.


One of the latest War Diaries I’ve been studying was 14th Field Regiment, 3th Canadian Division, 1st Canadian Army from oct.4th ‘44 till nov.9th ‘44“.


Since 2006 I try to get a brighter view on the liberation of our region and the Atlantikwall in West Zeeuws Vlaanderen during the Battle for the the Scheldt River Estuary by gathering information such as War Diaries / personal memoirs / documents / maps / regimental photos etc.

Please feel free to contact me !


All this work is non-profit I’m just a Dutch hobby historian with a special interest




Best Regards,



Frank Dumez

(email address removed by Marion)

Graafjansdijk A 180a

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Welcome to the forum Frank! We have a very good and knowledgeable group of people here and many are in Europe. Look around and feel free to post, we are a friendly bunch. :D Especially to newbies!


I am the resident Marine (active duty for 10+ years, 4 3/4 years of reserve time prior to that) and my grandfather was in the forums creator's unit, the 540th combat engineers. If you have any Marine-type questions, I can handle those as well.


And here is a word of advice, Marion the Moderator (AKA M1) will probably do it for you, but her advice to people is to not post email address on the forum. That seems to be a good way to spammed unmercifully by people looking for addresses on the web. If people want to get in touch with you, they can always just hit the email option associated with your profile.

Van harte welkom!!!

Je naamgenoot :D

Welcome Frank. Thanks for joining our little family (well not so little anymore). We're excited about exchanging information across the great pond.


As Todd mentioned, I have removed your email address, so you won't get spammed. Any of our forum members can reach each other via private email or personal messenger. :armata_PDT_01:


All the best,