Full Version: Daughter of D-Day Vet- 336th Engineers
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Terri DuLong

Just wanted to stop by and introduce myself. My Dad was with the 336th Engineer Combat Battalion, Company D. Just wondering if anybody here has any info on this particular group?


Even as a child, I was always so proud that he was there on D-Day and as an adult, that pride only grew. I'm going to browse around as there seems to be some interesting topics.


My Dad passed away 7 yr. ago, at age 84....but like Brocaw says, that certainly WAS the greatest generation!

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Terri DuLong

Hello Terri. Thank you for joining our forum. I will let you know what I come up with. Won't be around much this weekend though, for I have a lot of house projects. In fact will start painting our bedroom this weekend. Whew!


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Hi Terri. The 336th was attached to the 5th Engineer Special Brigade in the UK on the 12th November 1943. The 5th was organised into three battalion beach groups, each group having a spread of specialists across the whole engineer spectrum. This was in preparation for D-Day.

They landed on Dog beaches between Les Moulins and Vierville (OMAHA) 6th June 1944. The 336th waded ashore at Dog Green and 1500 troops assembled at the shingle bank then proceeded on a hazardous march to Fox Red two miles away. The 336th ran into heavy machine gun fire and artillery shelling. This march across Omaha cost the lives of two men with 27 injured. The first job was mine clearance - your Dad was ashore in Northern Europe, under fire and very busy!


I hope this outline info adds to what you know.



Welcome to the forums. I am sure you'll love it to be here. You'll never regret for signing up!

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