Full Version: Remember September 11.2001
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A Time to Honor a Time to Remember

We never saw it coming and it stays in our mind to this day

The very tragic incident

That happened on that Tuesday.

On the eleventh of september

Is when America had changed .


RIP, Every that died that horrible day everyone who died will always be in my heart and mind .


We will never forget !



Reflection of 9.11


Years have come and gone,

Since the towers came down...

Yet nothing is settled,

No peace to be found.


Seems like the efforts,

Made to this date,

Cannot resolve,

Our grief and our fate.


There are still questions there,

With no answers yet found,

Though grass replaces

The rubble from the ground.


The grief that we feel,

Is still fresh and so strong,

Despite all the 'answers'

For what really went wrong.


It seems that the mourning,

Is greater today,

That time does not heal,

Nor make it go way.


911 was a wakeup,

To a nation off guard,

Grief is not easy,

Forgiveness is hard.


So that each day now passes,

With no end in sight,

We remain in our mourning,

Still sealed with that plight.


We pray for the peace,

That only healing brings,

Proudly tell the rest of the world,

That Freedom still rings.





I will have my candle lit in France. Remembering those precious lives lost that tragic day 9 years ago and those lost in the war since.




May we never forget the innocent people who died of terrorism and those men who died afterwards in the war against terrorism.

I remember flying across the country that morning. Still scares the hell out of me.



On 09.11.2010 I went upstairs to get my WWII US flag and flew it for a few hours in remembrance of 9/11.

My neighbors were puzzled, but I don't care.

I also watched a few documentaries about the attacks.

Still gives me the shivers.



Ya, I don't know what is was about THIS year, but I didn't even want to talk about my experience from 9-11. For some reason it haunted me more than usual this week.