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I read the book "With The Old Breed" was the first book ive ever read that truly shocked me while reading it to where i had to stop in the middle of reading just to contemplate the shock of the words i just read. amazing book, I the utmost respect for these men. They deserve the attention of everyone for what they sacrificed



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We discussed this a little before when I read it. Here is Brooke's response:


Capt O, The Old Breed is intense to say the least. I'm so glad that he and others like him were able to put their eperiences out there because the world should NEVER be allowed to forget.


My mom who watched The War with me (which is where I learned of the book) wanted to read it, too. She barely got through a third of it and refused to go any farther, said she couldn't read two pages with out bawling her eyes out.


It was an excellent book. It tells you how far a seemingly "normal" person will go. I am reminded of when he described the time he (Eugene) ripped the gold teeth from a dead Japanese soldier. One of his fellow Marines said that he should know better and he didn't do it again - he didn't. Also shows you the power one person can have to save another from going down a wrong path with just a few words.

Sledge's , He was an amazing soldier and a true gentleman as well. The HBO series on the Pacific war only increases my utter respect for him and all the other US Marines who fought and died in that hellish war.



In the Apocalypse documentary that Vee mentioned recently there is a scene showing either a US Marine/or GI in the act of using pliers to extract the gold teeth from the mouth of an enemy KIA. It didn't totally shock me because I've heard PTO veterans talk about it in numerous other books and DVDS. Since I am a civilian and have never seen my buddies tortured and mutilated by Jap soldiers I'm in no position to judge. All I can do is to try and imagine the rage our guys must have felt towards this particular enemy. :machinegun:

All I can do is to try and imagine the rage our guys must have felt towards this particular enemy. :machinegun:

No doubt about that! The fighting was fierce and sometimes no quarter was given in Europe, but in the Pacific, you had the proganda machine on both sides stirring up the hatred for the race of the opponent.








Oddly, I couldn't find a lot of propaganda done by the Japanese on the internet. What I did find was "pride in the homeland" sort of stuff. There was this one anywqay. . .