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My name is Joseph Molnar and I'm 51 years old. My father, Joe Molnar from Lorado, WV, was a medic with the 243rd combat engineers. I have his journal and a 'company' journal,which I found after he passed, that follows the group from basic training through the war. In the document, that was published in occupied Germany, mentions that the medics went deeper into Germany that any other medic group when they were with Patton and met the Russians. I came across this site when I Googled the 243rd. My reason for joining is to find out all I can about my father's service, the group he was with, and if I'm in the correct place. He was 45 when I was born. He was drafted in February of 1942 at the age of 27 and reported for service on April 2, 1942. Later in life he told me a couple of stories but nothing ever much more that entertainment for a son. The company diary, which is hard bound and pretty cool, is written with much the same 'joke about it' nature although from my research and knowledge the places they were and the times they were there are not funny. If anybody has information on the 243rd combat engineers I would be grateful if you would contact me.

Welcome to the forum, and thanks for sharing...


It's great to have you on board and I certainly look forward to hearing more and possibly reading some of the diary entries.


Yes, I'm sure he only told you some of the 'lighter-side' from the war. As a medic, I'm sure he saw and experienced his own share of hell-on-earth.



Though there is not much there, please be sure to check out this earlier post:

I would like to get this document that I have about the 243rd on your site for others to use. Can you give me some direction on the best way to do it?


I'm not sure what would be most functional for anyone interested.


Thanks, Joe

Let me know what form the document is in. The best bet is the standardized PDF file. If you are unable to convert to PDF, I can do this for you.


Till then...

Hello. I just joined. My grandpa was part of the 243rd in the 1010th treadway bridge company. Was this pdf referred to un this blog ever posted?