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Hello Friends,

An unfortunate medical issue in February of 2010 necessitated the decision of making a career change, With the encouragement of family and friends who have greatly benefited from my common sense approach to research in compiling their ancestral family histories, i decided to establish Swamp Yankee Genealogy and Research.

I`m still in the process of getting the business up & running & tweaking & adding to the website, and would appreciate any feedback you could provide.

One service that i hope to provide in the near future is to have a place where our overseas friends that have adopted graves of our fallen can find and contact family members of the soldier. And to make people here become more aware of the grave adopters. I should be able to set this up as a free service and will strive to do so.

Yahoo! I've been privy to the behind-the-scenes stuff with Larry's new site, and am so happy it's off the ground. Congrats on your new venture. I (we) know you will do great, for you are already a huge asset to this site.





Very cool! I just checked out the site; it looks great! I wish you well in your new endeavor.

Hey larry,

Just checked out the site; it looks great !Thank you for posting my message for my two soldiers !




Vee :huggybears:

Just looked in on your new website Larry and was very impressed. I wish you ever success with it. :clappin2: