Full Version: Info on 1017th Treadway Bridge Co
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Found this posted in our guest book. I've already written to her and told her to get in touch with the Army Corps Of Engineer's Office of History, first. Wrote to her again this morning, and told her I would also place her request here on the forum. It would be great if his buddy was still alive and we could re-unite them again after all this time.


Here we go...


Hi, I am Jeannie Madsen Smith. My 92 year old Dad ask me tonite to try and track down info on the US Army Engineers 1017 Treadway Bridge Company. He also is interested in finding an old Army buddy named Eddie King (wife Betty) from Bronx, NY. If anyone has any info for my Dad, I surely would appreciate an email (removed so she wouldn't get spammed). Thanks so much.


If anyone has any information, please contact me and I will relay it to Jeannie and her father.

Here`s what i found on the 1017th Engr Tdwy Br Co.

Campaign Credit for Central Europe, Occupation Germany, June - July 1945


The unit was attached to 1142 Engineer Combat Group. Attached at times to 1st Army or 9thArmy.

The 1142d website has the history of the Group on the Documents page.



1017th Engr Tdwy Br Co

attached to 1142nd Engineer Combat Group on 21 June 1944 at Camp Cambell. KY.

Group left Camp Cambell, 20 Aug 1944 to staging area Boston POE

Arrived Bournmouth, England, 7 Sept 1944, attached to 9th Army

I'm also familiar with the 1142nd site, but Darrell does not have any information on any of the attached units, and always refers people to our site. He frequently forwards emails to me asking for my assistance. :armata_PDT_01:



My father was the Edward King you are looking for, and I came across a photo of your dad with my dad1384018835_EdwardFKinginarmyLtoRtMadsonandEdKingSr.inarmyJuly16yearunclear.thumb.jpg.0876a0f37140eb7594e9543d3eea1e2f.jpg!Jessie

I'm sending you her email address. Can't guarantee you will get through (it's been a long time), but wishing you luck. That would be wonderful. 

Welcome to the forum. 

That's crazy! It's amazing that things like this can appear out of nowhere. I, too, am not optimistic that you will get through to the gentlemen who originally asked, but you never know.

Now here is the reason for this website and not just living on things like FaceBook ( :angry:

Thank you, Marion!! Thank you for keeping this website alive to make these things possible!!!


Totally agree. Other than chatting back and forth, FB is a waste of time. Whereas with forums, everything is organized by subject matter and searching is a breeze. History does not hold up well on Facebook. I even tried having a 6th Corps page once, but it was a real pain and time wasted duplicating subject matter, so I discontinued it a long time ago.