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After half a day of inconvenience and probing and pictures etc, it has been determined that I have a growth at the very base of my vocal chords. It is benign! It comes our surgically on 17 August at North East Ga Medical Ctr. I have to cut out some current medication and take some other stuff by way of preparation. Details later. Prognosis is piece of cake, 15 minute operation, 80 percent voice recovery immediately and the rest in time. Pray for no complications....I for one am saying a prayer of thanks right now. Russ



Dear Russ:


All our love and thoughts and prayers are with you. Love you lots. Take care and keep me informed.



FOLKS! This will be brief because I have a lot of catching up to do. Praise the Lord and thanks for your prayers and support. My surgery was completed on schedule, voice is restored, no complications.

I was home by 4 pm. Details later, Russ Weiskircher






great news, Russ. Sending hugs and love your way!!!

He appreciates it. He really does.
I would like to repeat it: Great news!!

Well, we are not sure how the heck this happened, after they gave him a the thumbs-up, but...



I have little or no details other than the news that the growth removed from my throat last week was/is cancerous. They are setting up appointments for examination and treatment by an oncologist. No details. I am told it was/is in the earliest possible stage and treatment/cure is more than likely in excess of 98%. When I know more, I will inform you all, meantime your prayers please. Russ


So let's put our prayers caps back on and...



No mystery. My throat surgeon was wonderful and certain the growth was benign but pathology says cancer. Early stages, time for discipline, prayer, faith and friends and I have all of that along with a loving wife and so many blessings. I will fight to prevail.I am wating for the oncologist to see me and establish the regimen. More later and thank you for your concern and support...Russ

You have my thoughts and prayers, Russ

Many Hugs,


Vee :heartpump:

Just a brief note to share the current medical climate in the Weiskircher household.


Janie is slave to a daily inspection of her right leg and monitoring her circulation. One negative indication and she is in the emergency room and her cardiac surgeon and arterial specialist will take over.I am still in charge of TLC for Jane. I am mute, sore throated, fatigued and RECOVERING. It is 50 days since surgery and about 40 since radiation began. With week ends open and equipment malfunction, I lost some time but hope to finish radiation next Tuesday.


My surgeon did a post op last Wednesday and reports no scar tissue in the throat, no damage to the vocal chords, no swollen lymph glands, and diminished cancer cell in evidence. Prognosis, full recovery-cure- and my voice restored within a month. Then I can talk and use the phone. Right now that's a no no.


I want to thank all who drive me to treatment, all who call and visit and cook and pray for us. The people on this area are marvelous. We can never repay you BUT we can reciprocate and we can and will share our blessings when and wherever we can. We rest in God's care. We face the challenge, we minimize the problems and we pray God's will be done. Thanks again, Russ Weiskircher

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