Full Version: Rolling Thunder 2010 A Marine's Vigil !!!
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For those of you who are not familiar with Rolling Thunder, every year on the Sunday before Memorial Day, 3,000 veterans on motorcycles, (hundreds of which rode completely across the country, LA to DC with "Ride for the Wall" leave the Pentagon, pass Arlington Cemetery and parade through Washington DC straight down Constitution Ave.




It is a tremendously moving experience. Absolutely fantastic. It is estimated that 3 Million People, Families, Veterans, Bikers, and folks of all kinds pack Washington DC over the Memorial Day Weekend for this event.




There is something also very special about it.




One marine, referred to as the saluting marine, stands there on Constitution Ave and salutes at attention for three straight hours and never drops his arm. It was 92 degrees there on Sunday.


That has to kill your arm standing at present arms for three solid hours. The heat must be unbearable in dress blues. He did take a drink of water with his left hand, but never dropped his right.




Wow, I'm in tears.  What true patriotism! God Bless this Marine's, God Bless America and your soldiers, past and present, who gave us this precious freedom.



I'll have to watch it when I get home.

Major Todd ,


If you look very carefully His service stripes indicate what ?

Can you tell me ?


Thank you !



Todd , You did not answer to my question.


Vee :(

Woops! Missed the post. I still haven't gotten to watch it yet. I will have to report back later.

The three stripes on his lower sleeve are service stripes. The stripes represent 4 years each (in the army they are 3 years.)


The Marine is SSgt Chambers. I found that out when I found the following:

Awesome guy!