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I'm Caryl in the sunny HOT HOT HOT Panhandle of FL. My beach is slathered in oil, so I've taken to my winter activity of family history and geneology to entertain myself after my morning pool swim.


Obviously I'm new here. I am working on research on my grandfather, who passed in 2000. He never spoke of the war with the grandchildren as war wasn't something you discussed with genteel young ladies. Sigh.


I was able to finally get a hold of his service records from the archives (luckily none of them were in the great fire).


He is listed as:

before 44 he was in his 3.5 year at Valley Forge Mil Acad. - his whole senior class enlisted at Christmas, without graduating. I'm hoping to get VF to confer honorary diplomas for that class that went off to war.



Co L 311th INF March 30 of 44


Co A 280th Eng Combat Bat from 4/23/44 until 8/11/45


730th Engineer Det Dist Co 11 OCt 45

(after that he went to flight school and went officer.)


I know he was at the BoB, Aredennes, and Alsance Fr. I THINK he was in some part of D-Day.


I'm looking for areas of work, and battle lines, any photos, unit patches pictures etc.


I know it's a lot to ask, but I've been reading the forums and you all are amazing. He was a bridge builder and a construction forman.


We're AirForce and I'm lost with all the army history.


Any help or direction is greatly appreciated. I will check back often for replies. Again, thank you.


(DH is a PH recipiant from Khobar Towers, still AD AirForce. I'm a life member of the Ladies Auxilery. So if there is anyone here of that group, "Howdy!" We don't have a local group down here, so I've been out of that loop for 6 years!)



Glad to see you posted an introduction. A very warm welcome.


How fascinating to find out the whole graduating class cut out and joined up. That is pretty cool.


Have you seen this section yet?


Stay cool!



I've pieced together quite a bit the last couple of days. Here is something I need help with.




I have 280th Engr Combat Batt


Co A






now I need to take it up the chain and figure out what Division/Corp/Army this was......




thoughts? anyone?

Here's another site I found:


As far as I can ascertain, they were a separate battalion, as were many of the engineer units during WWII. The four main units I cover, including my dad's, were independent units.

Right. Been there already. :) Sounds like it's time for me to put pen to paper and hit the book learnin'.

Hey y'all


Have you contacted the Army Corps of Engineer's office of history yet?

No, but I'm ready to. I'm also going to contact the man in charge of the 280th reunion group in Ill.


I cannot believe that in this day of technology, there is NOTHING on this group.


I have two personal stories from my grandfather, and that's it. I'd LIKE to know where they put sole to sod during these campaigns.



Understand your frustration, but we have to realize that ALL THIS STUFF, is just coming to light. There are literally thousands upon thousands of pages of documentation, which has never seen the light of day, and eventually thanks to people like you and me, will finally make it way to the internet to be viewed by all interested parties.


Oh, my buddy Harold Whiting, 157th Engineer, sent me some reunion info:


The 280th is going to have a reunion in September in East Peoria, IL

If you or anyone else is interested, let me know.


Marlin Kreighbaum

President 280th Eng. Combat Bn


If anyone would like to get in touch with Marlin, please drop me a line and I will give you his email address.


Thanks Harold!

Just dropped a note to Marlin.


Also found this on, but it's not available. ARGH.

HISTORY [OF THE] 280 ENGR C BN. [Paperback]

280th Engineer Combat Battalion. United States Army (Author)

Ya, saw that too, but...


Danged!!! WE shan't give up. There's gotta be one at someone's garage sale, waiting to be pitched...

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