Full Version: Happy Birthday Joe, j3rdinf
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Happy Birthday, Joe, 3rd Infantry Division. We haven't seen you in a very long time... :armata_PDT_23:




A very odd thing this morning...When I looked at your profile, it didn't list any posts for you. I know that can't be right, for you were very active on the forum. I am baffled!!! :nuts: It's though everything simply vanished into thin air!!!


Well friend, if you are around at all, please drop us a line, for I know many are concerned. If any family members run across this, please get in touch with us. Rocky, among others, would love to hear something.


Love ya,


I'd like to hear from you, too Joe. Happy Birthday!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOE !!!! We haven't heard from you in quite a while I do hope you are fine. I know we all

are wanting to hear from you. May you have a wonderful day







Sorry I missed this one, Happy Belated Birthday From france !!!! :26_12_4:


Vee ;)