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Hi my names Ade :pdt12: I live near Bristol in the S.W. of England.


I have an avid interest in all things U.S. ETO.


I've been collecting and conducting research on Engineering Regt based in Gloucestershire, England prior to D-Day. In particular those situated in and around the town of Stroud.


I don't know whether any or all of the following units fell under VI Corps command (perhaps a learned member could point me straight) but these units are some on which i have found information (and some photos) and would be keen to share any info with forum members;


1278th ECB (5th Eng Regt)

158th Eng

164th Eng

38th Eng (Gen Serv)

505th Light Pontoon Co.

28th Cav Recon Sqd (Mech)

41st & 67th Evac Hosp


I hope someone is able to help, perhaps i may be able to return the favour. :pdt34:

Welcome aboard! You'll find lots of good information around the site. I can't help you personally with the units you mention, but Marion is a wealth of engineer information.

Greetings and salutations from across the ocean, deep and blue!


I will look into the various engineering units and let you know, this week. I have company today, or else I'd jump on board right away.


A VI Corps unit was in the British Isles for a while with the 60th Inf Div. It was the 2nd Bn of the 36th Engineer Regiment. They departed and took part in the invasion of North Africa in November of 1942, and joined their other two battalions for Operation Torch. The other two battalions left from North America.


More later. and welcome!

Hello Ade, welcome to the forum, it`s always good to hear from new members from across the pond.

I`ve done some quick research on the units you mention but it does not appear that they were in 6th Corps unless it was late in the war. The 1278th &158th were under the 1128th Engineer Combat Group

and supported V Corps in Normandy, & VIII Corps in Belgium fighting in the Battle of the Bulge.

During World War II, the 5th Engineer Regiment formed several new units including the 1278th Engineer Battalion. The 1278th was redesignated as the 5th Engineer Battalion in January 1945.


1128th Engineer Combat Group


1278th Engineer Combat Battalion



38th Eng (Gen Serv)

Sailing from Dakar, F.W.A. the 38th Engineer Regiment arrived in England in January 1944. In England the unit was changed to 38th Engineer General Service Regiment. The unit constructed camps and participated in the intensive pre-invasion training (for D-Day). Attached to the 1st Engineer Special Brigade, the regiment was in the invasion forces on the coast of France. In France the unit has built roads, cleared mines, unloaded ships, constructed railroads, bridges and craneways. Large assignments were the development and operation of the Vologne Staging Area and the Red Horse Assembly Area and the construction of Camps Twenty Grand and Old Gold.






505th Light Pontoon Co.

Everything you would want to know about the 505th can be found on their website. The history documents tell of their training in your area.



164th Eng nothing on this unit yet , but have been in the 1128th ECG at times.



28th Cav Recon Sqd (Mech) nothing on this unit yet.


41st & 67th Evac Hosp nothing on these units yet, but found some mention of them in Belgium during BOB.


Ah, Larry comes through for me again. Thanks. I get so busy here, it's sometimes hard for me to keep up, even though I AM very well-intentioned.