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Hi all, I'm Lainee! I'm trying to find out more about my grandpa on my mom's side. He died in 1969 when my mom was 8, so obviously I never got to meet him. We only have 1 picture of him, so more pictures is my main goal. We don't really have much info on him but here's what his headstone says- "PVT Co C 19 Engineers". From the research I've done, I found out that the 19th Engineer Battalion originated as the 3rd Battalion of the 36th Engineer Combat Regiment. I really, really hope this is right, because I've spent hours researching the 36th.

I also know he enlisted April 30, 1942 in Kalamazoo, MI. His ASN is 36197701 according to NARA Enlistment Records. Oh, and his name is Clarence Henry Cottrell, but from what I've heard, his friends called him Fritz. He was white and born in Indiana in 1910. This is his Footnote page (I added the picture):


I would love to talk to anyone has any info about him or Company C. Actually, I'd love to talk to anyone at all, but info's always good :)

Welcome and yes we can help you out. I have quite a bit of information on the 19th Engineers, and in fact, I have an extensive diary from one of the men, Ernest Wayne Warner. You can read about him here. He is also featured in my ongoing documentary, No Bridge Too Far.



Ernest Wayne Warner


The 19th was it's own regiment during WWII, and was NOT part of the 36th Engineer Regiment during WWII. There are a few unit histories out there, but they contain erroneous or incomplete information. I am sorry to say, they are confusing the matter. Sigh!


Here are the real facts:


I will post some other info later today, but must run for now.



Here's a brief lineage from WWI through today:


Constituted 15 August 1917 in the National Army as the 39th Engineers

Organized 18 February 1918 at Camp Upton, New York

Converted and redesignated 7 September 1918 as the 39th Regiment, Transportation Corps


Regiment broken up November-December 1918 and its elements reorganized and redesignated as follows:

Regimental Headquarters and Headquarters Company disbanded 12 November 1918;

Companies A, B, and C redesignated 12 December 1918 as the 26th, 27th, and 28th Companies, Transportation Corps, respectively 26th Company, Transportation Corps, demobilized 11 July 1919 at Camp Jackson, South Carolina;

27th and 28th Companies, Transportation Corps, demobilized 12 July 1919 at Camp Dodge;

Iowa Regiment reconstituted 1 October 1933 in the Regular Army as the 39th Engineers Activated 1 June 1940 at Camp Ord;

California Reorganized and redesignated 1 July 1940 as the 19th Engineers Redesignated 1 August 1942 as the 19th Engineer Combat Regiment


Regiment broken up 1 March 1945 and its elements reorganized and redesignated as follows:

1st Battalion as the 401st Engineer Combat Battalion (Headquarters, Headquarters and Service Company as Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 19th Engineer Combat Group; 2d Battalion as the 402d Engineer Combat Battalion -- hereafter separate lineages)

401st Engineer Combat Battalion inactivated 6 December 1945 at Camp Polk, Louisiana

Redesignated 30 January 1947 as the 52d Engineer Combat Battalion

Reorganized and redesignated 8 November 1951 as the 52d Armored Engineer Battalion

Activated 27 November 1951 at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri

Inactivated 16 March 1956 at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri

Redesignated 21 November 1967 as the 52d Engineer Battalion

Activated 21 February 1968 at Fort Carson, Colorado


Thank you for the information! The link to Ernest Wayne Warner's diary doesn't work though. The only thing I'm really confused about is was he in the 19th Battalion or the 19th Regiment? I have no idea how to tell. Also, I'm putting together a book of everything I can find to give to my mom for Christmas, so I don't have long to gather as much as I can. Thanks for any help you can give, I really appreciate it.

Try it again, sorry! I am attempting to do all this while working in our store, and all the interruptions (ha-ha) are obviously creating havoc!


They were a regiment in WWII, not a battalion.


I would advise not getting into the lineage history after WWII right now, for that will only further confuse you. The 36th splits off into different battalions later, but that shouldn't concern you, only his history during WWII.


Hi Lainee, welcome to the forum.

Here is an Association contact for the 19th:

Ben Myers Associations and Alumni Database

19th Engr (Combat) Regt (WWII)


Mr. Robert Dinsmore 217-245-9494

1020 E Morton Ave

Jacksonville IL 62650-3302


Some documents mentioning the 19th:


Engineers in North Africa


Engineers in Sicily

by James W. Dunn