Full Version: The World will little note, nor long remember
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This Thursday is the 146th anniversary or the Gettysburg Address given by Lincoln at the dedication of the National Cemetery at Gettysburg.


This is a nice short piece on what happened that day and reactions around the country. I believe the first line of the address is to remind people that the history of the U.S was very short at that time. There were men alive that had witnessed the birth of the nation and might well see the end of the nation if the war were won by the Confederate States.

If you go to the Cemetery, there is a beautiful monument to the speech....but it is placed in the wrong area of the cemetery. It is actually closer to the gates.

I think you are right; "The World will little note, nor long remember"


I won't forget...

On several occasions, I have gone to Gettysburg for the re-dedication of the National Cemetery. It is a beautiful program: The Gettysburg High School band plays Civil War songs, there is a speaker of national importance, a living historian that portrays a Civil War era person (Governor Curtin of Penn, Frederick Douglass) and a Lincoln Impersonator says the address. It is a lovely ceremony.

I should like to be there for that presentation. Perhaps I shall someday, perhaps...