Full Version: Attending 101st Luncheon - 11-15-2009
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Heading out on Sunday morning to meet up with some old friends from the 101st Airborne, including Don Burgett and George Koskimaki. I haven't seen Don in over a year, and I haven't seen George in about three years or more. Yikes.


Am looking forward to seeing my buddies in Oxford, MI.

Gee Marion, I am guessing you will be meeting at Kalloways or Red Knapps. I had my class reunion at Kalloways and my parents always took us to breakfast there. Our family farm is about 2 miles north of there and my brother Larry still lives in town. Oxford is no longer the sleepy little village that I grew up in.


I cannot imagine how cool it is to have lunch with Don and George. Have a great time.


I just remembered. You should stop at the Veterans Museum at the American Legion in Oxford. Post 109 Walter Frasier. This is the post that was co-founded by my Dad.

It's at the American Legion Hall, so will already be there. Wow, co-founded by your dad. That is great thing to know. Will tell the guys about it too.


I am bringing my Epic of the 101st Airborne book with me too. Don already signed it when I spent the weekend at their house a while ago. Now I can get more of the gang to sign it too. A real treasure and keepsake!

Don't forget to make pictures of it. Enjoy your time there!

Yep. That figures. Just one more of those strange coincidences that bring us all together as the Combat Engineer family. I contributed to the museum and iff you dont mind....please check the propeller in the museum to see if they spelled my Dad's name correctly.


The museum is mostly US military uniforms and it is an impressive collection.

Roger wilco! Shall report back!

Hi Gang:


Had a wonderful time yesterday and got to sit at the table with the Burgetts (Don, his wife Twyla, their daughter Renee and her husband Clark), Mark Bando and his wife, and my friend Carl Horoho (whom I met at Don's birthday party, a while ago). Had a great visit with not only them, but also got to speak to my buddies George Koskimaki and Donald Straith, also 101st Airborne. It had been TOO long.


I brought along my Epic of the 101st Airborne book, which Don had signed at his house, and obtained the following autographs:


George L Walker

Donald Straith

George Koskimaki

Fred Bahlau

Albert Leloneh


Thank you gentlemen. Always an honor and a pleasure.


They have a very impressive museum collection. Wow!


My camera is on the fritz, so Carl is going to send me photos. Will post as soon as I get them...


Wow...You lucky lady... :armata_PDT_01:

I agree with Moose

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