Full Version: Arlington Memorial Cemetery, the WWII Memorial, and MCRD San Diego
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From 21 - 25 September I took a trip to DC for work. When I got a chance I went to Arlington Memorial Cemetery and the WWII memorial One of the most moving experiences in my recent memory happened while walking around the Arlington. As I was walking around one of the less visited areas on the East side, colors began to play at Fort Meyer. I stood at attention (I was in civilian attire) and faced the music as they lowered the colors for the evening. Hearing that, in that special place, was a moving experience. I'm so happy to have been able to be there at the right time for that.

Later that evening, I made my way over to the WWII memorial to take some pictures. Once again, it was a moving experience - especially because it wasn't very crowded like it was the last time I was there.

There are a lot of pictures of both places on my Picasa page. Here are a few:




The USS Maine Memorial









For Rocky:


I also made it to the US Marine Corps Museum. Here is the site for all of my pictures. Here are some of them:













Thanks Todd !!


Great Pictures !!!

I hope to be able to come one day for visited myself !

Thanks for sharing !!


Vee ;)

Thank you, Capt. Todd, for showing pics of Kansas and "MY SITE" ITALY. SALERNO, ANZIO, etc,etc. Rocky


Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing them. I am going to have to go to the Marine Museum.

Years ago I was in Arlington as part of a Civil War Tour. During our visit, we had to wait to go into the area we were supposed to tour as there was a funeral procession about to pass. It was very moving. They had the horse drawn caisson and the riderless horse.

Thanks to both of you. I still have to display my WWII Memorial photos from February. Sigh! I'll get around to it someday... :armata_PDT_23:

I guess I should have called this my TAD (temporarily assigned duty) trips instead of Arlington and DC. Here are pictures form my trip from the last few days (Sept 28-30). These are of the Marine Corps Recruit Depot (MCRD) San Diego. There are only two MCRD's in the Marine Corps; the other being in Parris Island (like in Full Metal Jacket.) I hadn't been there for almost 15 years, but beside the PX, not much has changed. Here are a few pictures, the rest are here.




The Eagle Globe and Anchor above the general's building.




Entrance to ”the grinder“ (Parade Deck) at MCRD San Diego from the Gommer Pile, USMC opening




Recruits at drill

Some really great and interesting pics there Todd. This limey knows of Arlington of course but I enjoyed seeing it too! Also the USMC base - very impressive.



Thanks for the glimpse Todd. Have never seen it before. Always a pleasure! Like the comment on the one, "shined by..."



Saw Arlington Cemetary twice, both times I watched the Guards walk their post. Puts a lump

in your throat and blink your eyes a couple of times to remove some wetness. Rocky

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