Full Version: If Daddy Says Goodbye
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If Daddy Says Goodbye

By Kathleen Iversen


All daddies are special in their own way.

Some daddies ride tractors and work on a farm.

Some daddies drive fire trucks and sound the alarm.

Some daddies are great chefs and can make dessert.

Some daddies play the bagpipes and wear a plaid skirt!


Daddies can do a lot of things.

What does your daddy do?

Some daddies drive noisy tanks that growl and grumble.

Some daddies fly jet planes that roar and rumble.

Some daddies hike in forests that are dark and damp.

Some daddies march in boots that stomp and stamp.

These daddies wear green and are in the Army or Marines.

There are daddies in the Navy, Coast Guard and Air Force too.

They fly planes and sail across the oceans and skies of blue.

They all work hard keeping our great country safe and serene.


Daddies can do a lot of things.

Some daddies have to leave home and go far away.

That’s how they care for you, in their own special way.

If your daddy leaves and he kisses you goodbye,

remember these words and dry the tears from your eyes.

When your daddy leaves and the two of you are apart

He places a tiny little picture of you in his heart.

Everyday no matter where he is,

His soul will whisper these words to the wind.

I will always love you no matter where I go.

I am part of you and you are part of me.

That’s something I'll always know.


Try not to worry, don't be sad.

You'll always be my baby And I'll always be your dad.