Full Version: Glad to be here
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Hi there,

my name is Dries, which is Flemish for Andrew.

Indeed, I live in the fine region of Flanders in Belgium, Europe.

Some of you will recognise this region from old stories from the first world war. Some others will have relatives who fought the German troops over here in the second world war. And maybe others will have had the chance to visit my country.

I kind of "accidently" stumbled upon this website.

In fact I was looking for information about some kind of tool we (a few friends and I) found in a ditch. But this will be dealth with in a specific topic where I will post a few pictures.

Marion seemed to be interested and I hope a lot more of you all.

For whatever it is worth, I hereby would like to let you all know that if you have any question, whatsoever, about Flanders, Belgium or a location in this region, I will do my upmost best to try and satisfy your wishes.

Many greetings to you all.

By the way, the picture in attachment shows me and my youngest son Gust, last winter. January 7th 2009, to be exact.

At least, if the picture made it to the forum, that is.


Hello Dries and a warm welcome to the forum. Looks like you did just great for everything was posted, including the cute photo.


We look forward to talking with you and are eager to see your other photos.




Welcome Dries! We have many friends on your side of the pond; many are not too far from you. I look forward to your posts and pictures.


Welcome to our humble home.

That is one cute baby you have there, and he seems to be having a really good time.