Full Version: ' Bunny' becomes the 14th member of the 'Filthy 13'..
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While the rest of our group were in Normandy Pfc Kevin 'Bunny' Warren was invited to U.S. as guest of the ' Filthy 13' at the massive Reading Show.

Kevin had helped on the new painting of these guys by supplying photo's of kit ect for the painter . Here is Kevin with those famous pathfinders. From left to right..Jake ( McNasty) McNiece, Jack ( Hawkeye ) Womer, Kev, Grant Berry and Bob Willis ( who commissioned the painting )Robert ( Ragsman ) Cone and John ( Jack ) Agnew.

I met Jack Agnew twice and I hope to meet Jake McNiece for one time. I eally loved the book about the Filthy Thirteen. I am happy to have a copy of it signed by Jack Agnew.



I always thought that only Jake McNiece and John Agnew were the last survivors of the Filthy Thirteen. Can someone verify this for me please?