Full Version: Colonel Savre - 36th Eng Brigade
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I have been talking to Colonel Savre and I asked for a picture of himself and his BSM with out Seahorse in the background. Carl is making a good original for me and I am going to have it enlarged like the picture I had at the last two reunions showing the uncasing of the colors when the change came from Group to Brigade. He still hopes to get to our reunion again and I will keep you posted.


36 Engineers are rugged......John Fallon II. Capt. USA Ret.






Attached a photo of myself and CSM Murphy with the national and brigade colors.


Let me know if you want something else.


In the past few months we have had five companies return from deployment ... two from Afghanistan and three from Iraq. They all now proudly wear the 36th Engineers Rugged Seahorse combat patch.


Every new soldier that joins the brigade hears the story from me of the heroic feats of the 36th in WWII, the history of the patch and the rugged engineer limerick ... "engineers have hairy ears .... ".


Good Stuff!


Rugged 6


Kent D. Savre COL, EN Commanding

36th Engineer Brigade Stay Rugged!