Full Version: Civil War Bible returned to family
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That is a fantastic story. You never know who or what will turn up on your doorstep. What a great family treasure.


On another note... Either the writer of the article goofed or the collector/author sports BAD ENGLISH. Did anyone else catch these?


"Not in a strange way, but it was almost as if he was haunting me like I couldn't read enough about him and I went on line and I was looking it up," Greco said.
It's just odd.


But this one!


Greco told them, "I wanted tell you that I'm giving this to the family. I want you to have it because it means a lot to me but it's priceless to your family."
I wanted tell you??? Geez!


Sorry it's the teacher inside my head. Sigh!

Did you ever read "Eats Shoots and Leaves"? You might really enjoy that.

No I have not. Will keep it in mind. Thanks.