Full Version: Littlecote House, Wiltshire, England.
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Well we are up and running, this is our first display of 2009 as we gear up for Normandy, and my girl VEE xx. Littlecote House was the 101st AB 506th P.I.R. HQ during WW11.

post-256-1240911536_thumb.jpg This is our new Group sign, I really ,really like the lady's name, although it's a shame it wasn't Marion.... :armata_PDT_01:

( Or any other lady on this wonderful forum :armata_PDT_01: )














post-256-1240912838_thumb.jpgThis young trooper left his M1 Garand laying around, it never left his side for the rest of our stay.... :armata_PDT_01:


post-256-1240913089_thumb.jpgThis was the Officers mess..




post-256-1240913241_thumb.jpg Not too sure which is the older of these two guys... :armata_PDT_01:


post-256-1240913575_thumb.jpg Part of the grounds of Littlecote House.


post-256-1240913618_thumb.jpg Another photo aged by trickery....

Very cool group of photos, Moose. I can never say I'm jealous enough of you folks over there across the pond with your access to so much WWII history. Not much WWII history to be had in Jacksonville, NC. Or in Iraq for that matter. Over at Taqqadam (where I was last time) you could find some of the curly-Q posts that were used in WWI and II to hold barbed wire, but that was about it. In other parts of the country there were British cemeteries, nothing like that over here at Al Asad.


I wonder if there will be a living history group for II MEF (FWD) 60 years from now? Probably not. If they did, they could sit around in air-conditioned buildings and type, review, and retype orders, policy letters, and other mind-numbing paperwork. That would certainly be a draw at reenacting shows. :zzzz:

I think the "gal" is a bit younger than me, so it's a good thing she's on the sign! :frown:


Loved your comment regarding

Not too sure which is the older of these two guys... armata_PDT_01.gif