Full Version: Stubby: Canine Hero of the Trenches
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This dog had a more fascinating life than most people!!!;GRid=12236483

Wow..what a biography! Stories like Stubby's have a special place in my heart. Combat K-9's have a long and proud history. Thanks for sharing this one!

I'm only sorry that I did not know this story when I was at the armory. I would have liked to pay my respects.

Thank you Darlene for sharing Stubby's story!

I never knew about him before. Just goes to show that there are canine heroes too. :woof: :woof: Dog lovers already know just how big their hearts are.

That's a good story. It reminded me of this one: the 4th Marines (i.e. 4th Marine Regiment) mascot in China, Corregedore, and captivity - Soochow. There was a great story about him in the WWII magazine not too long ago. He made it all the way through the war in a POW camp where the prisoners (his Marines from 4th Marines) cut into their own meager rations to feed him. How the Japanese didn't end up killing him, I'm not sure. He ended up in San Diego (I believe) after the war but his life was cut relativelty short due to his experiences. Considering all he had been through, it's impressive he lived that long at all!

Canines have long "served" alongside humans on the battlefield. One of my favorites is Sallie, who is memorialized at Gettysburg.



Almost everytime I go to the monument, there is a milk bone left for her.

Some videos of dogs in army very nice !!







I have a friend that owns a bulldog. You haven't experienced love until you've been adored by a bulldog......I have the slobber and drool spots to prove it.

Here's a recent photo of my own best Buddy, Nigel.... who turned 4 Y.O. on May 10th. He doesn't have a mean bone in his body...He will be the submissive one to a smaller dog if that's what it takes to get a game of "chase me" going! post-150-1242285683_thumb.jpg


Dog lover from way back...

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