Full Version: MacArthur-The Civil War One
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Not many people realize that Douglas MacArthurs father Arthur MacArthur was a Civil War hero. He was born in Chicopee Mass and was living in Wisconsin when the war broke out. He immediatly volunteered. He was awarded the Medal of Honor for his taking the colors at Missionary Ridge (Chattanooga Tenn). After the war he went to law school, but decided to return to the army. He participated in the Indian Wars, the Spanish American War where he saw action in the Phillipines (how ironic that his son wound up there). He retired from the Army in 1909 and died while attending a reunion of his Civil War Unit. He suffered a massive heart attack while on the stage. He is buried in Arlington Cemetery.

Arthur and Douglas are the first Father and Son to both be awarded Medals of Honor.

I knew about his dad, but not all the details. If he had to go, I guess there is no better place than amongst his BAND OF BROTHERS.

According to what I read he joined the 24th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry.



Here is a photo of young Arthur:




Rather handsome chap

Dang, I was thinking the same thing, even before I scrolled to the bottom and saw your comment. I was like, oooo, he's cute! :26_6_7:

Douglas weren't so bad in his younger yearsMacArthur-at-West-Point.jpg