Full Version: Combined 36th & 540th 2009 Reunion
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We are already gearing up for the next reunion. Should be the last week in September, but will post the dates when affirmed.


Captain John Fallon is sending out HEARTY invites to the members of the 540th, once again. While we haven't had any 540th vets show up yet, we have had a few "kids" show up! Wonderful!


We look forward to seeing more of you this year. I am planning on adding some entertainment this fall. Trying to scrounge up some 40's singers. That would be a blast!


Will be meeting once again in Lebanon, at the Quality Inn. BE THERE! :drinkin: We have a hell of a lot of fun! Ask anyone who's attended!


This extended invite also goes out to any member of the 39th and 1108th! The more the merrier!!! Come on down VI Corps vets!!

Quality Inn

625 Quentin Rd.

Lebanon, PA



Toll-Free: (800) 626-8242 or (717) 273-6771

Fax: (717) 273-4882


Make your reservations by September 1, 2009 to make sure you get a room. Let them know that you are part of the 36th/540th Reunion to get the discounted rate! Hotel rooms are $56.00 per night


Thursday- Sunday, September 24th to 27th


The Colony Room (our hospitality suite) is available to us for all four days. Snacks will be provided, along with beer and wine.


We usually plan a nice dinner out at a local restaurant on Friday night. If you are interested, let John or I know ahead of time so we can include you in the reservations. If not, the Colony Room will be open for your use.


Carl Furtado will also be "spinning" some 40's tunes this year, so be prepared to do some dancing. Toe-tapping is mandatory! :clappin2:



There will be a banquet Saturday evening. This is a semi-formal affair.


DVD presentations by YOURS TRULY will be shown throughout the weekend.


Bring your photos, etc. We have a LOT of fun reminiscing!




PLEASE MAIL $40.00 (per person) to JOHN FALLON to cover dinner and hospitality suite goodies before September 1, 2008. Let him know how many will be attending along with names, so he can prepare your name tags. Send check or money order to:


John Fallon

2459 First Ave

Avalon, NJ 08202




Nearest available airport - Harrisburg, PA (approximately 30 minutes west of our hotel)


The famous Hershey's Chocolate Factory/Museum, in Hershey, PA is located between airport and Lebanon. Plan on stopping in!




Maps of Area




To see images from last year's reunion....


Kai-Ann and I just booked our flights! Yahoo! We're on!!!


Now I just have to call the hotel and we are all set. Can't wait!!!


Just booked our hotel! More yeahs!!!



Perhaps someone attending the reunion can determine how many, if any members of the 36th were awarded the CIB as General Truscott recommended.


It would be valuable pieces of evidence if copies of documents i.e. General Orders, separation papers, etc.. would be shared.



There aren't many at all. In fact I believe John Fallon is the only one I know about. I'll ask him, but that has been the problem all along. The boys have already been down that road...



I'm outta here. Gotta catch a flight in a couple of hours. Another great reunion to attend. We are supposed to have a good turn-out. Ain't that wonderful?



Did anyone miss me? I've been gone for four days. Just got back late last night. Had a great time. More to report later. Am back to work...



Did you happen to learn anything about members of the 36th receiving the CIB?




Did anyone miss me? I've been gone for four days. Just got back late last night. Had a great time. More to report later. Am back to work...



The subject was briefly brought up, but too many things going on and so many topics to cover. Sorry! But unfortunately nothing to forward to you...

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