Full Version: color film '44 invasion of southern france
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anyone seen this 3 part color film of Operation Dragoon posted on youtube? From "Battlefront Atlantic".


Just sitting here taking it all in this morning, sweetie, and loving every minute of it.


Every time I watch something like this, I keep hoping to catch a glimpse of my dad. Ya never know.


I am going to place these on our video page, hopefully later today. Can't get enough. Thanks!


I also have some b&w footage of the invasion, which I will also upload.

Me too, M1! I always look for Dad amongst the faces, but it's wonderful just to look at the film clips and "see" something of what he saw and know he was there somewhere.


Watched all the clips on your new video page yesterday - AWESOME!



Hey darlin'!


Just added the Southern France videos to the main site a few minutes ago. I am so grateful to be able to offer these to everyone. Sure will come in handy for the documentary.




Hello Marion,


517th & 551st getting ready for the jump in Southern France.



Kind regards Gilles



Thanks for that footage. It will come in handy for the documentary for the southern France invasion. How cool Love finding these.



Merci beaucoup! :armata_PDT_37:

For Christmas my family gave me THE GREATEST CONFLICT COLLECTION (GOLD EDITION) LAND SEA AND AIR CAMPAIGNS OF WW2 (including Husky Marion) 90 documentaries on 11 DVDs.

It is a US produced box set so you will understand that it portrays the US view of the war, but to me that is even better as it shows many scenes of the Combat Engineers at work!

If you have'nt already got it go look and see what you think, I can reccomend it.




Will look through our collection this week and see if I have it. If not, it will go on the ORDER list.


I was looking through my book collection the other day, and realized it's becoming pretty substantial. With all my stuff, may have to build an addition someday. :clappin2: