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I am planning to make a sort of "reading corner" which would differ from my WWII "war room".

So, I'm slowly gathering some items from the Civil War to decorate it with.

I plan to get a musket, kepi, sword and two flags, along with some CW prints.

As originals are way too expensive, I turned to replica.


Here's my first acquisition:



Used by both sides during the war.


Marion, if this isn't the place to put this, please feel free to remove or move.



Nope,you did just fine! This is the place, so post till your heart's content! :armata_PDT_01: Have fun collecting, and congrats on your first Civil War piece.

A recent addition for my "reading corner".

It's a CW print called "Bloody Angle".




May 12, 1864.

Union Col. Oliver Edward's brigade, identified by the white crosses on their caps, smashes into Confederate Gen. Robert Rode's Virginians at the west angle. Union soldiers try to top the fallen log while Confederates fire from behind it.

Eighteen hours of the most savage and bloody combat ensued. For sheer brutality and awful loss of human life, Spotsylvania was the Verdun or the Stalingrad of the American Civil War





Was it the Mort Kunstler print? I have a couple of his at my house. I really enjoy his art.

It is indeed the print of Mort Kunstler.

It really captures the brutal fightings that went on in that area.


I hope to get a few more (2 - 3) in the (near) future.



I have "Twilight in Gettysburg" and "Lonstreet at Gettysburg" as prints. I also took an old calender , had nice mats cut for them and framed them. They were cheap and beautiful. I also bought postcards of his artwork and have a couple of mats that hold them to fill some space. I really enjoy his artwork. There is a store in Gettysburg that has a lot of his prints....

Great stuff!



I live in Fayetteville, WV and recently during the July 4th weekend they have been having a civil war cannon firing demo at the court house and a little camp set up on the lawn of one of the old houses in town. Now granted I think only like two houses are still here that were of that period but they're trying... I think it is really interesting and am glad they are doing it. We actually had a battle of Fayetteville here during the civil war. There is nothing left to indicate such anymore. There are a couple of historic signs up and there is a little cemetary of confederate soldiers that is dangerously close to where they put the new WalMart and Lowes. I actually had an intense arguement with a woman at a yard sale one time during the Walmart invasion as I call it. She was arguing that those weren't really civil war graves because the tomb stones weren't that old. The Daughters of the American Revolution banded together before this dumb broad's time and did some fund raising for new stones! I know this because I was friends with one of the ladies who was involved in the DAR at the time.

Aye Carumba....

How much Civil War History has been lost because of really dumb people? The tide is turning. They're starting to reclaim parcels of lands and return them to the condition that they were in during the war.

Did you know that when they do artillery demonstrations, they load flour into the cannon? Makes all that nice white smoke. I always said that I'd like to take some cake pans to the next re-enactment I go to and get ready for my next baking....

I havent been to Fayetville...yet.

There's really nothing left here from that era. The indirect firing sign is actually in someone's front yard. Even the fort area has been leveled by housing. The only tangible thing that is near is about 20 miles or so towards Summersville. It is an old house near the lake (a man made lake). It was caught in the crossfire during a battle and has been preserved in near perfect contition. It is open as a musuem, and someone has put plexiglass on the walls to show the bullet holes. Carnifex Ferry is what it's called, I think.

She was arguing that those weren't really civil war graves because the tomb stones weren't that old.


:banghead: Words are not needed!

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