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Civil War Photos


Thank you Jim Hennessey!




YEAH!!! Essayons. I will be posting a photo of a ponton bridge soon. Took it at the Atlanta Civil War Museum. Was commenting on how some things stay the same. Can't improve much on an already great idea.

YEAH!!! Essayons

I will admit that while I've spent a lot of time with the Army, that time has been with Artillerymen and NBC (Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Defense) folks. I had never heard the term Essayons. So while looking it up and finding the meaning behind it (Let's Try!) I found this article. You might find it interesting. It's a 1966 Time Magazine article about Combat Engineers in Viet Nam - before the press turned communist.

Great article on the Vietnam engineers. Shows us that no matter what, they come through with innovative ideas, and do so in top-notch time! Was interested to ME, Fort Belvoir was opened again during that war, serving as a training facility once again. As many of your know, I cover the history of Fort Belvoir in my documentary.