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I never did really describe myself as I would have liked to previously in the forum. I have had a great weight of assistance from everyone here finding information about te mystery that was my grandfather. Cpt. fallon was the most tremendous of help. through him I was able to pinpoint the exact date and some nature of what happened to my grandfather in Anzio on March 2nd 1944. he, along with 5 others were hit with artillery fire on the moletta river front. 5 of them including my grandfather sustained light to heavy injuries (my grandfather lost use of most ho his right hand, unable to fire a weapon he was sent home), another, a pfc. was killed in action.


but this has only been but the beginning of what I see as a long search for answers. when my grandfather passed on in 2003, my family had given all of his WWII posessions to me. but among all of his letters and mementos I never found any information of other men who he fought proudly along side with. he has not been to a reunion since 1988 (the year my cousin was tragically killed in a car accident). this has left my search near bleak and at a standstill.


I have made all possible arrangements to have his records and awards reassembled, for further understanding. however, we all know this can take a great deal of time.


his information is as follows:


s.sgt John J. Walkonis

co."C" 1st btn.

36th engineer regiment (combat)


any information, or contacts that can lead me to finding more truth about my grandfather would help to fill the hole that was left behind when he passed away.


since I was young I was drawn to the lives of soldiers. I never found romance in the truth of warfare. for these men it was a call of duty with tremendous sacrifice. it has been my life's ambition to help many to see that. I believe this is what has drawn me to become a filmmaker. I love this medium of art for what it can tell us about human condition. some of us can look at a painting and find meaning. others, can read books, or play songs and close their eyes to paint a picture of text or song. but many can't paint a picture or imagine a scenario. many of us are quite literal and need to see a moment in it's happening. that is what has drawn me to film.


I am an independant filmmaker and producer, a theatre trained actor, and trained journalist. I have completed a degree in both acting and journalism, and currently I am studying film with a focus in directing at the School of Visual Art in Manhattan.


I collect WWII militaria and reproductions for the purpose of filmmaking.


I am a long distance runner, avid reader, and all around joker.


I live to make people laugh. even when it is hard to find humor in the most dire of situations.


I am a great friend and a horrible enemy.


a pleasure to meet all of you.

Hey Frank. Nice to see your introduction. As we say, better late than never! :pdt12:


I look forward talking with you on the phone. Think I shall try and call you during the week, while traveling south. Heading down to Atlanta, GA on Thursday for a few days, and then onto DC and Virginia.


How did the wrap-up on the filming go?